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The official Twitter app will allow you to keep using one of the most extensive social networks of the time in any place and at any moment, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

From the app’s main page you can carry out all the usual functions of Twitter: Follow and Unfollow other users, tweet, retweet, etc.

The main advantage of using the Twitter app instead of going straight to the website is the greater ease of use that comes with receiving constant notifications in the notifications bar on your Android device. Furthermore, the differences in functionality are practically priceless.
Twitter ditches 140 character limit for images and GIFs
Twitter's 140-character limit has also been a thorny issue. Conciseness and minimalism have always been the hallmarks of a social network whose growth has stagnated, so distorting its original idea by expanding the max size of tweets might not be the best move. In any case, the change that's just been made doesn't exactly go that far: Now the characters reserved for the link when you add an image or video to your tweets have been removed. This means you still get your full 140 characters regardless of what you attach to your tweet.
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How to lower your data usage on Twitter
If you're on Twitter more often than not, you'll likely have noticed that the official Twitter client for Android eats through your monthly data plan like there's no tomorrow. One of the main culprits here is the app's indiscriminate consumption, especially now that video is now more widely supported in the insidious form of GIFs and other animations that are all the rage. But, did you know there is a way to opt out of this? By default multimedia data saving settings are deactivated upon installing, but this is easily straighten out with just a few quick taps on your settings download link
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