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Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment.
Google Duo, a HD video calling App from Google. Good News to the Video calling app lovers. Google has announced the release of its new video calling App named Google Duo. Duo is coming up to take a strong stand in the market overtaking the already established Apps like FaceTime, Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber and whatsapp etc. Google has claimed that the new Duo App will work fine even on a weak data and low networks.
On 18th May 2016, Google has announced the launch of two upcoming apps namely Allo and Duo in Google I/O 2016 event. Google Allo is an instant messaging app where as Duo is the hd vidoe calling app. Allo and Duo Apps will only be made available at the end of the summer this year officially.

Features of Google Duo App

  1. Simple interface: Google Duo app has a simple interface so that the user can easily navigate through the app at a great ease.
  2. Make Calls with Much Ease: Google Duo is the simple app that allows you make call to specific person right from your contacts that are available or saved on your Android and iOS phone
  3. Best performance even at Low Networks: Google Duo is one such unique application that works in a best way even if your internet connection or Wi-Fi network connectivity is low.
  4. Knock Knock: Knock Knock is an amazing feature that displays the user a preview video of the caller, prior to picking the video call. Rather than simply displaying the name of the caller, you can also see the video of the caller in a preview mode at the back.
  5. High quality video: You can make video calls on Duo and speak to them with high digital video quality. You can eventually experience quicker and more consistent video calls without any interruption. Even if you’re on low network, you can make video calls at a faster speed. The app has the ability to adjust the quality in order to maintain the best quality of the video call and go smooth.
  6. Cross-platform: Video call all your friends across Android and iOS with just one simple app
  7. Security: With an intention to offer utmost security and privacy to its users, Google has rolled out Duo video calling application with an end-to-end encryption feature. With this feature, the user need not worry about the security and your calls will not be eavesdropped by others.

    Free download Google Duo video calling App from Google Playstore or With APKUsing the Duo video calling app is pretty simple. You can easily make a video call to a person on the contact list of your phone, provided the other person has also the Duo App installed on his phone. The Duo App has got a feature called “Knock knock” which allows the user receiving the video call to see the person who is calling before answering the call. Also the Google Duo App using a new protocol for video calls which is named as “QUIC” by Goolge.

    Duo video calling will be HD and the app is designed such that it works well with spotty networks. Also the app is capable of adjusting the video quality depending on your bandwidth, so that video call will not get disconnected. Other interesting and very important feature of Duo app is the privacy and security. Google Duo App has taken a step further and made all the call are end-to-end encrypted
    Officially Duo video Calling app by Google will be made availabe by this summer and this wonderful app with cool features is compatible with Android operating system which is being used by many smartphone manufactures in the world and also with iOS operating system for Apple users 
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