Keypad Apps Lock Latest APK Download Free For Android

Keypad App lock.
After the new Version, keypad lock Apk is the latest  for Android, which you can easily protect your data. Now it is Available for free download. It is easy for use. You can lock your  contacts, calls, e-mails, massages, photos, videos and other your personal data. Just download keypad Apk on your Android phones and tablets then safe your personal data.

·         Free download and install app.
·         Change your password easily.
·         Choose with apps, videos and other files to lock.
·         Much More.
·         Enjoy.
Keypad App lock is a one of the best app of your Android which can safe all the personal data on your smart phones. Millions of user who download and Install keypad App lock. Don’t  waste Time just download keypad lock Apk on your Android Phones and tablets.
How  do we use App lock.
First we download then Install it. Choose a 4 digit Passcode (password) when opening the first time. then select the Apps, videos and other files for Lock. (Option) Access the sitting for more options.

How do we Install App lock.
Now we first open the link. Then Click the Download after Downloading will be started. If downloading will be completed then we go open the download folder or show the notification bar of downloading then Click the application to Install App lock in your Android phones and tablets.

File detail.
Name : App Lock (keypad)
Size : 5.0 MB
Version : 1.1.5
Price : NO

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