Facebook Like Count APK Free Download For Android

Facebook Likes Count APK For Android
Description of Facebook Likes Count APK
Facebook Likes Count APK is the useful and new Android social application. Facebook likes count APK which allows you to calculate likes and comments in your Facebook status and activities. Now you can easily download this latest application in your Android phones and tablets. Facebook likes calculate you to count the total number of likes earned in our social network Facebook. Without Likes you cannot see number of likes earned your friends, neighbors and also to see the world ranking likes to Facebook. Just read more and cool features of the Facebook likes calculator APK and get download it on your Android device.

o   This application is free for Android.
o   Easy to use the application.
o   Simple functions to using.
o   Easy find in your likes and comments.
o   Small size application to download.

This application is not an auto liker or it is not a tool to increasing number of likes in your social network Facebook, it helps just calculate likes have you received. This application is new developed and awesome features and this application is absolutely free and still very easy to use. In this website we have published the latest and free download links below, just follow it for getting latest application of Facebook likes counter. In this post we will share directly link just click the download button and after few seconds start downloading process in your smart phones.

File Details
Name: Facebook likes count APK.
Version: 0.0.1
Size: 22.3 MB
Required by all Android OS
Facebook Likes Count >> Download

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